So You’re an EnerNerd?

We have lovingly dubbed everyone who is a part of Student Energy an “EnerNerd.” So, what exactly is an EnerNerd you ask? Basically anyone that has an above average passion for all things related to sustainable energy.

Symptoms may include:

  • Having a “Countdown to COP” on your computer screen
  • Actually knowing what the acronyms EOR, IGCC and CDM stand for
  • Becoming physically ill at the sight of a Hummer
  • Posting pictures of solar panels or wind turbines on facebook
  • Constantly tallying your carbon footprint
  • Attending ISES 2009 or 2011
  • Being part of the Student Energy movement to fuel the future of energy!
So if you are an EnerNerd, embrace it!  Say it loud and proud, “I love energy!”