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Camilo Romero

Fellowship Coordinator, Student Energy

Camilo is the Student Energy Fellowship Coordinator. He coordinates and provides support to a global cohort of youth as they progress through the Student Energy Fellowship, a 10-month, virtual program combining online learning, professional skills development, opportunities to connect with top energy leaders, and mentorship. As well as an opportunity to make an impact through launching a project.
Before joining Student Energy, Camilo completed his Bachelors of Geology at Quest University Canada. His research focused on Volcanology but his research changed focus to environmental impacts and that helped him narrow down the focus of his thesis project. The thesis project, put simply, was testing the transmission of construction noise (through the rock substrate) at a proposed liquified natural gas facility and its impact on marine life here in British Columbia. In his free time, Camilo enjoys cooking complicated meals, consuming world politics, sipping nice wine, watching good AND bad TV, cycling until sore, carpentry, and walking his big dog (Tuna!).

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