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2021 Capital Campaign

This year, we’re launching our most ambitious project yet: to raise $10 million dollars to support youth-led energy and climate solutions.

The 2021 Capital Campaign aims to secure $10 million in capital to deploy under the Ecosystem Strategy recently developed by Student Energy. Representing the biggest fundraising push in Student Energy’s history, this campaign will unlock direct-to-youth funding within Student Energy’s programs – a missing key ingredient to empowering global youth to influence local energy systems.

Student Energy's programs are seeing unprecedented levels of demand, as young people are more determined than ever to implement innovative climate solutions in their communities. Grow with us.

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Introducing Student Energy Ventures

Student Energy Ventures will be Student Energy’s flagship direct-to-youth funding program aimed at accelerating youth-led clean energy project development globally. Ventures will accomplish this by offering its global cohort of youth access to an unparalleled level of direct funding, training and entrepreneurial support to develop youth-led clean energy projects. The program will result in a significant volume of deployed clean energy projects, the creation of a new skilled workforce equipped with knowledge and experiences needed to build the energy system of the future, and an accelerated global clean energy transition.

By supporting youth to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and support systems for their initiatives, Ventures allows young people to launch tangible community clean energy projects.

Simultaneously, Ventures gives a cohort of global youth the critical early career experiences they need to be lifelong problem-solvers and entrepreneurs.

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