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Mount Royal University – MRU

Where in the world?

Student Energy at Mount Royal is a Chapter Program of the organization Student Energy, and therefore we have aligned missions. Student Energy is an established global non-profit aimed at educating, inspiring and uniting like-minded students from around the world on the subject of energy awareness and challenging the current energy system, in the transition to a sustainable energy future. Our goal, as a club, is to act as a source of unbiased information on energy for students and to provide opportunities to participate in projects and events related to Student Energy.

Our club will host events, such as trivia and games nights, hikes, group discussions and debates and presentations with guest speakers. As a club, we will research and decide upon local and on-campus projects that we wish to pursue. These projects will be designed to assist the student body in reducing their carbon footprint and providing further education on energy.

Finally, due to Student Energy’s international status and ever-growing connections, our club can open doors to a vast number of volunteering and networking opportunities for individuals on a communal, provincial and global level. In joining Student Energy at Mount Royal, students will be involved in its development as a club and have a say in the types of initiatives we will take.

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We hope to provide a fun and engaging setting in which students can participate in open and informed discussions about environmental issues with their peers. From this, students will ideally achieve a better understanding of the current global energy crisis and potential solutions for the future.