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Greenpreneurs 2019 Program Launch

By Amanda Chouinard


Greenpreneurs 2019 Program Launches

Accelerating youth innovation from least developed and emerging countries

Applications now closed.

Last year, Student Energy partnered with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and Youth Climate Lab (YCL), with the collective goal to launch Greenpreneurs. We all wanted to support young people to develop a sustainable idea or solution that would positively impact their communities. It became a ten-week virtual green entrepreneurship accelerator for 10 youth teams to develop their green growth idea into a viable business plan. Student Energy, YCL, and the four winning teams sent representatives to the GGGI General Annual Meeting in Oct. 2018 to present their ideas and meet their fellow program participants.

Here is a look into their experience:

2019 Greenpreneurs

This year we are excited to launch the second iteration of Greenpreneurs, offering additional learning models and supporting even more teams. Applications will launch April 15th and close May 19th. Youth between the ages of 17 and 35 from one of GGGI’s member countries can form a team and submit your idea for a solution that positively impacts the future of sustainable energy; water and sanitationsustainable landscapes (forestry and agriculture); or green city development. These priority themes reflect the urgent issues impeding growth in developing countries in the context of green growth, climate change and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Acknowledging that women and girls are disproportionately affected by climate and development impacts, Greenpreneurs strongly encourages women-led teams to apply for the 2019 cohort of Greenpreneurs.

Fifteen selected teams will take part in a twelve-week (June 3 – Aug. 25th) virtual accelerator course with weekly learning modules that including webinars and tasks as well as receive weekly coaching from mentors and subject matter experts. The program will culminate in a business competition for the opportunity to win small-scale seed funding and conference bursaries to the International Student Energy Conference in 2021.

Youth Innovation

Youth are the engines of innovation who are ready to contribute solutions for a healthy environment, safe climate and thriving clean economy. Young people are a well of ambition, and can be incredibly creative when it comes to forming new solutions. Greenpreneurs unlocks, accelerates and supports the natural innovative tendencies of youth to foster a generation of climate and development leaders that are collaborative implementers of green solutions. The program is an opportunity for youth to connect globally, share knowledge and receive the support and idea validation to take their ideas from concept to tangible impact. Greenpreneurs is designed to harnesses the creativity and ambition of youth to develop green growth solutions that promote sustainability as a socio-economic enabler and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Its intentional broadness is expected to ensure maximum inclusion of creative and innovative ideas from around the world.

Applications are now closed. If you have any questions please contact


About The Organizations

The expertise and country network of the Global Green Growth Institute, the 50,000 youth network of Student Energy and the mentorship and entrepreneurship capacities of Youth Climate Lab provides unprecedented reach and support for green growth entrepreneurship. We all work with the Sustainable Development Goals, climate action and the sustainable energy transition so this coalition is a way to pool our strengths and directly impact the lives of prospective entrepreneurs addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges.

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) was established as an intergovernmental organization with the objective of promoting sustainable development of developing and emerging countries including the least developed countries.  GGGI is dedicated to supporting the creation and diffusion of the model of economic growth known as “green growth”. The green growth model integrates economic growth, environmental sustainability, poverty reduction and social inclusion. Greenpreneurs is a unique initiative in GGGI due to its global and multi-sectoral scope, focusing on young entrepreneurs in all GGGI member countries.