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Annual Report 2020

Student Energy’s 2020 Annual Report is out! Check it out here.

We adapted our plans and programs in a big way this year, and we couldn’t have done it without you – thank
you. Whether you learned about Student Energy for the first time this year, joined us as a partner or a program participant, or cheered us on through social media, your support allows us to continue making an impact. Here are some of the things we accomplished this year:

  • We grew our network to 47 chapters in 22 countries, who engaged over 16,000 youth in 2020.
  • We launched the first Leaders Fellowship cohort in January, and ended the year with 47 global teams completing their 10-month program. We’re set for an even bigger year in 2021, as we bring in 90+ teams for the second cohort in response to overwhelming demand for the program.
  • The Global Youth Outlook survey is now available in eight languages, and we are working with a global youth team of Regional Coordinators to reach 50,000 young people in the lead-up to COP26.
  • Our Energy System Map and video users skyrocketed this year, reaching a total of 10 Million+ users, with 2.5 million of those just in 2020, as more students and educators turned to digital energy learning resources. This year, we launched the  new Energy System Map at, featuring the new “Influences” layer, to help young people understand how to change the energy system.
  • We provided $120,000 in funding directly to young people to support them with honorariums and awards to help them take  action on energy, and are working on an even more ambitious direct-to-youth funding strategy for 2021.
  • To date Student Energy has now partnered with 90 organizations to make space for youth, we’ve developed new models for intergenerational collaboration that will continue to expand through 2021.
  • Student Energy’s team grew from 9 to 25 staff members
  • As a youth-led organization, we are excited to see that youth leadership for bold, just climate action is being recognized more often on the global stage. We are hopeful for this recognition to grow into more meaningful support and resources for youth-led climate and energy solutions in 2021. To make this happen, we think there’s a lot more that organizations, governments, and those in power need to do to fully empower and equip youth with the tools and resources they need to take action.