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SES took place in November 2023 SES 2023 is the largest youth-led energy event in the world, providing a transformative space for young people to collaborate on energy solutions and connect with energy leaders. The event was hosted at NYU Abu Dhabi. In collaboration with local and global stakeholders, the Summit was conducted by Student Energy and hosted biannually in different cities around the globe. Last year, took place in the Middle East for the very first time, highlighting the success story and vision of the UAE’s energy transition. Leveraging the strategic location and timing of SES at the margins of COP28, we supported 30 young SES delegates to attend COP28, providing them with the unique opportunity to engage in the proceedings at this high-level international conference on climate change.

We are excited to announce that we have launched formal bid submissions to host the 2025 International Student Energy Summit! Bids can be submitted through this link [], or click here to access the Bid Package with complete guidelines and instructions. The deadline to submit your bid is May 26, 2024, at 11:59 PM PST.

The 2025 Student Energy Summit (SES 2025) is a unique opportunity to showcase your country, city, school, and community to some of the brightest young minds and prominent energy actors from across the globe! Hosting SES will allow you to build your knowledge of energy, expand your personal and professional network, and gain real-world experience that you can apply to your future careers and projects. There is no experience quite like SES to accelerate your project management skills.


In November 2023, the Student Energy Summit (SES) took place in the United Arab Emirates for the very first time, hosted by New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). Under the theme Reimagining the Future, hundreds of students gathered in Abu Dhabi.


With our goal of Reimagining the Future we are creating a sustainable outlook for the energy transition by connecting the youth of today to leaders of the energy sector to educate the leaders of tomorrow. The summit was the world’s largest and most diverse youth-led energy conference, hosted in the Middle East and in collaboration with local and global partners. We empowered a new generation of energy sector leaders and highlighted the success story and the vision of the UAE’s energy transition.


NYUAD is a pioneer in sustainability initiatives in the UAE. Through strategies spanning every university area, NYUAD aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support teaching and research, and provide resources and guidance in establishing a culture of sustainability. We gathered over 650 young student leaders worldwide to cultivate innovative ideas, collaborate, and reimagine the future of the energy sector and pathways to sustainability.

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Past Student Energy Summits

“Student Energy gave me this really international perspective. I’ve always been involved in politics so I’ve been mixing politics with engineering and energy engineering and always knew that I wanted to work with policy to influence society, but before Student Energy I was more interested in, I think national politics. But Student Energy really broadened my perspective, I started thinking more in an international way, how can we influence the energy system on a global level? Being at the Student Energy Summit in Indonesia gave me perspectives from all around the world and really seeing that the energy system is much broader and you have to work with it on a global level.”>

Emma Wiesner

“It’s been incredible to see 650 people getting together, students from different parts of the world with different mindsets, and the fact that there are a lot of people – not just engineers – who see the importance of doing this. I was very impressed with the movement, and I’m so excited to try and get hands-on and find something to do within Student Energy. I’m going to go back and have this in the back of my mind when I go back home to Botswana, I intend to look around and see exactly what is it that I can do. When I move on in my career, how exactly can I still do it in a way that’s sustainable, that is still going to help me be responsible with the way that I do things in the world, and to educate people and other students that everybody has to be informed and be a part of this, because the time to act is now.”

Dorrica Lesendi Henriksen
SES 2019 Delegate – Botswana

“I think one of the biggest highlights is just the opportunity to really connect, network, and have great conversations with other amazing young people from all around the world who are working on so many great things. So many of them are engineers, business students, arts students, and we have all these different perspectives and the same goal and vision so it’s just been an amazing opportunity to collaborate with others.”

Maheep Sandhu
SES 2019 Delegate – Canada | Co-Founder, Student Energy at Carleton University
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