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Global Youth Energy Outlook

The Global Youth Energy Outlook (GYEO) is the first youth-led research project of its kind to engage over 40,000 young people ages 18 to 30 and share their perspectives on the energy transition. A team of 12 Regional Coordinators leads the GYEO from around the world, and the final report will be launched at the global climate conference COP 26 in Glasgow in November 2021.


The Global Youth Energy Outlook website is a comprehensive platform for exploring the perspectives of young people on climate change and the energy transition. Through beautiful and informative data visualization and a final report, the website presents global and regional youth perspectives on the energy transition. Additionally, it offers educational resources for youth advocacy and stakeholders, making it ideal for youth advocates, government and industry organizations, and anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge about the energy transition.

The Action Toolkits are an essential resource for sharing insights with decision-makers. It includes a summary of the Global Youth Energy Outlook, an overview of the main categories of stakeholders in the energy space, and strategies and tactics for engaging with them. Finally, it highlights some inspiring examples of youth-led projects that have made a real difference using data.


The research process was conducted through two phases.

Phase I:

A questionnaire comprising opinions was distributed to potential participants through contacts in various organisations. The survey aimed to gather the opinions of young people on topics related to the energy sector and its future prospects. To ensure that the questionnaire was accessible to all participants, it was translated into multiple languages, which were chosen based on an evaluation of the engagement level of the Regional Coordinators network.

Phase II:
Regional Dialogues

The respondents were invited to participates in a one-day workshop focused on a specific issue within the energy sector that was relevant to their region. The youth participants were encouraged to think creatively and share their opinions and vision for the future. This input will help us to create a roadmap with time-bound milestones to achieve their goals.

Let’s transform the energy system and reduce global emissions for a brighter future.

The global challenge of transforming the energy system to meet global emissions reduction targets while also addressing equity issues is one of the largest challenges of our time, and is interconnected with the entire Sustainable Development Agenda. Business as usual will not suffice in achieving an energy transition that is fair to all and that deploys the solutions required to mitigate the climate crisis. Mobilizing millions of young people worldwide to tackle this challenge presents a significant opportunity to accelerate the energy transition, and young people are already providing their abilities to influence change through global mobilization efforts and innovative solutions. Therefore, it is crucial that stakeholders across the energy system are equipped with the data required to effectively mobilize this generation of youth, who are eager to accelerate solutions now and into the future.

The Global Youth Energy Outlook (GYEO) is the first report of its kind, revealing what today’s youth (aged 18 to 30) want for the sustainable energy transition leading up to 2030. It outlines the priority actions at the policy, technology, investment, and social levels, as well as pathways for institutions to work effectively with young people to achieve shared energy transition objectives. The goal of GYEO is to bridge the gap between young people and governments, businesses, and other organizations, so that they can understand each other’s objectives and work collaboratively to address the most pressing needs in the energy sector.

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