Annual Report

In 2023, our main focus was on expanding our global network of youth engaged in our Programs Ecosystem and strengthening partnerships with global organizations in the climate and energy space. We are thrilled to share our work through the 2023 Annual Report. Take a sneak peek of the summary and general information that the report contains, and click on the button below to expand the information when reading the whole document.

2023: Our Impact at a Glance


program participants from 116 countries, 78 of which are ODA countries across our Programs Ecosystem


in funding secured from organizations, governments, and foundations


Career Training Applications Received


Fellowship Applications Received


Guided Projects Graduates


People Engaged
Through Chapters


Total Chapter Membership


New Chapters


Research projects launched:

Youth Impact Framework, Energy Transition Skills Project, Global Youth Energy Outlook

“Reflecting on my first year as Executive Director and my seven-year journey with Student Energy, I feel a deep sense of resolve and optimism. The challenges we’ve worked through, and the successes we’ve celebrated, including the impactful International Student Energy Summit (SES 2023), gathering over 600 young people together on the sidelines of COP28, underscores the growing demand from young people to be a part of this movement. Our Student Energy Chapters program expanded our local network to 12 universities in 6 new countries. Enhancing our project-based learning model, the Student Energy Fellowship saw over 1,000 applications in 2023, and in it’s first annual cohort, our Guided Projects program accelerated 6 clean energy enterprises in 3 countries: Canada, Kenya, and Peru.”

Helen Watts
Executive Director, Student Energy

“The role of youth in the global energy crises is critical for fostering an empowered energy landscape. Throughout 2023, it became increasingly known that Student Energy’s vision for a just energy future must be deeply rooted in people-centered approaches. At Student Energy, our mission stands: to empower the next generation of leaders who will drive this critical energy transition forward. We focused on a renewed mission for Student Energy, gaining inspiration from the foundation that built this organization into what it is today.” 

Santiago  Espinosa de los Monteros
Board Chair, Student Energy Board of Directors


“Since joining the team a little over 3 years ago, one thing remains consistent – youth are ready and committed to taking action to accelerate the energy transition. However, they need support, including accessible energy education, skills training, project funding, and career guidance. Expanding our programs in critical regions and deepening our existing support to our current youth network will be our north star for the upcoming years. The solutions exist and young people are ready – now we need industry, governments, and funders to mobilize resources and take action with a strong sense of urgency to invest in youth.”

Claris Canta
Director of Programs, Student Energy

Student Energy Summit

SES 2023 is the world’s largest youth-led energy event. It provided a transformative space for youth to collaborate on energy solutions, with over 20,000 young people joining in virtual and in-person capacity-building and digital engagement sessions before the event to learn and share ideas. SES 2023 helped kickstart action and entrepreneurship, supporting 3 youth-led clean energy projects in priority regions through training and seed funding selected from 40 initiatives proposed at the Innovation Jam. The summit served as a launchpad for youth climate activists and advocates. Around 25 extra events and activities happened alongside big global conferences like COP27 and COP28, giving young activists a platform to amplify their perspectives on energy and climate issues and solutions.

Impact Numbers


Attendees from
95 Countries


Speakers from 42 countries, 45% of speakers from Global South


delegates received full funding, all delegates received partial funding


Current or former ministers and heads of intergovernmental organizations


Parallel panel


Plenary sessions


partner workshops


Media Mentions


Followers on Instagram


Posts with #SES2023 and #ReimaginingTheFuture hashtags

Research and Youth Engagement

This year, we solidified our newest program, the Research and Youth Engagement portfolio, and launched 3 youth-led research projects that each explore the perspectives, needs, and mechanisms that young people are asking for to enable them to become more active leaders in the energy transition. One of the most rewarding parts of conducting these research projects was the dialogue and action sparked before and after the publishing of these reports with partner organizations, youth organizations, and other civil society groups. We see our data and research work as a way to build bridges between youth and the established energy sector, and to offer shared language and tools that enable more meaningful collaboration between these groups.

Shakti Ramkumar
Senior Director of Policy and Communications, Student Energy

Discover more about our 2023
research and youth engagement projects
by exploring the projects below

It has been a fulfilling year for youth-led action in energy!
Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

Activating a first cohort of youth-led clean energy projects in solar PV through the Guided Projects program and expanding the program’s offerings and reach.

With 32 graduates from 6 teams representing Kenya, Canada, and Peru, the newly launched Guided Projects program provided teams with the firsthand experience of developing solar PV projects to solve local energy problems in their communities. 

Amplifying youth-led action on energy on global stages and decision-making spaces.

Student Energy attended 23 global energy and climate events, including the New York Climate Week, Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, and The Africa Energy Forum and Youth Energy Summit (YES!) among others. Student Energy participated as speakers and moderators at 34 events, and hosted 11 events at COP28 and the Student Energy Summit (SES 2023). Student Energy also acted in an advisory capacity for several Youth Councils, and hosted the very first Youth Energy Narratives Council under the Research and Youth Engagement portfolio.