Dominika Janowczyk

Engineer-in-training, International CCS Knowledge Centre, Student Energy

Dominika Janowczyk is an Engineer in Training and Researcher with CCS Knowledge Centre and graduate student of Process Systems Engineering, University of Regina – focusing on Carbon Capture and Sequestration technologies: CO2 removal from large industrial gas streams, gas processing and utilization, petroleum refining. Dominika is a member of CO2 Capture Research Group in the Clean Energy Technologies Research Institute, University of Regina.

Dominika obtained her bachelor degree in the Technical Physics program with a major in Eco-technology from Pomeranian University in Słupsk, Poland. There she gained the theoretical and practical knowledge in the scope of conventional and renewable sources of energy, energy conversion, structure and operation of devices working on renewable sources of energy, environment protection, nuclear energy and radiological protection post-graduate studies in engineering.

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