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University of Saskatchewan

Where in the world?

Student Energy at University of Saskatchewan is part of the global Chapters community empowering the next generation of leaders who are accelerating the transition to a sustainable, equitable energy future. The Chapters Program enables students to establish a local branch of the organization on their campus, allowing them to leverage Student Energy’s global brand and organizational knowledge to take action on energy in their communities. Chapters get to choose their energy-related focus, finding their passion while creating tangible solutions. This Chapter wants to promote student-led projects that are exciting, develop real-world skills that are not found in a classroom, and engage the community. We will provide an inclusive and supportive environment for students to exercise creativity and explore their interests in the energy industry.

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The energy transition is happening all around us, in the prairies, it can often seem like it’s a slow process happening far away. In reality, we are in the center of it, we want to engage student and young professionals in Saskatchewan and expose them to the many opportunities in today’s energy industry. To our Chapter, this is critical for youth to develop the skills, perspectives, and connections they will need to become the energy leaders of tomorrow.