Chapters Program Spotlight: Student Energy and National University Alliance of the Energy Sector

🌎 Student Energy and National University Alliance of the Energy Sector (Alianza Nacional Universitarios del Sector Energético – ANUSE) are breaking boundaries!

Rafael and Diana from our Chapter at National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico visited the Chapter at Autonomous University of Yucatan for a fantastic meet-up! How exciting is it that they were able to meet their friends and allies in the energy transition movement in person? While visiting, they took the opportunity to discuss upcoming collaborations at ANUSE, issues facing the energy sector, opportunities, and much more.

➡️ ANUSE is an initiative of the Student Energy Chapters in Mexico. Currently, the network includes our Chapters at Autonomous University of Yucatan, National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, University of Guadalajara and Higher Technological Institute of Poza Rica to promote a national network of energy leaders. ANUSE will promote the exchange of ideas, support among energy leaders, and accelerate the energy transition in the country through training, networking, holding regional summits, and inclusion and multiculturalism.

ANUSE will be a space for interaction and exchange in the community of Mexican chapters to ensure a path on which they can share summits, conferences, scholarships, and any other opportunities to benefit their energy leaders. Their first online meeting was held at the national level and then presented at the Global Chapters Call in March, where its future was discussed. The national alliance of university students from the energy sector is a great opportunity to expand the horizons of the energy transition.