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Student Energy at GLOBEForum 24

GLOBEForum 24 at a Glance: Student Energy attends “The Future is Regenerative”

This February, Student Energy was delighted to represent our Theory of Change at GLOBEForum 24 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Between the 13th and 15th of the month, hundreds of climate-conscious change makers converged to forge new connections, strengthen existing bonds, and provide a space for keen intergenerational engagement on key climate issues.

This year’s forum theme was “The Future is Regenerative,” exemplifying the event’s commitment to youth empowerment and sustainability. GLOBE Series operates as part of Profoundry, a collective of like-minded sustainability and climate experts dedicated to helping organizations create positive sustainable change. The group, including Delphi, CBSR, and Leading Change, is collectively focused on achieving its vision: a more sustainable, prosperous, socially just future within a generation.

In GLOBE’s own words:

The world is rising to meet the immense social, economic, and environmental challenges of our time, and there are more opportunities to create value in the clean economy than ever before. It is no longer enough to simply reduce our environmental impact or repair the damage that has already been done.

We need to rethink what’s possible, reimagine our economy, and reach beyond sustainability to regeneration.

Student Energy was fortunate to have several members of our team in attendance: Danii Kehler representing SevenGen, Julie Boyce representing Student Energy Career Training, and Piper Stump representing our global Chapters program! Piper was eager to share her reflections and takeaways from her participation in GLOBEForum24 with the Student Energy community.

Left to right: Piper Stump, Danii Kehler, Julie Boyce.

Piper’s Key Takeaways

This past week I attended LCForum24 and GLOBEForum as one of over 120 young sustainability leaders in Leading Change’s 2024 delegation! 

This conference was an incredible opportunity to connect intergenerationally with sustainability leaders across Canada on key issues that we as a nation face such as achieving net-zero targets, building a regenerative future, and the importance of intersectional, equitable, and diverse inclusion. A few of my favorite takeaways from my time at the GLOBEForum include:

  • Pattie Gonia’s not only inspiring message to use nature as a mentor in business and in leading us to a regenerative future (“nature’s leadership is circular”), but also by kicking the conference off with a brilliantly rain-themed drag performance (perhaps the most epic start to any conference I will ever attend?).
  • Both Maya Colombani and Jane McDonald’s insight into corporate sustainability and the importance of transparent and humble communication of sustainability impact and goals within the private sector. Following the discussion of “greenhushing,” Maya spoke on the “right to fail”, and how publicly acknowledging missed targets is a crucial step in achieving sustainability targets. 
  • Lastly, Kat Cadungog’s closing message, urging organizations to take imminent action was especially empowering. She called for groups to be willing to learn from mistakes and contribute meaningfully to our economy and communities by putting plans in action tomorrow. Taking incremental steps everyday is imperative to achieving our 2030 and 2050 climate and net zero goals. 

Piper and Pattie, The Canada Cleantech Leadership Pitch Panel, and Annabelle Liao of G7 Research Group with Julie Boyce.

There were so many takeaways from this event and I am having a hard time expressing only a few but I truly appreciate the authentic intergenerational collaboration facilitated by GLOBE and Leading Change and am delighted to have had this opportunity to meet so many wonderful changemakers from across the country. 

I will leave you with these absolutely fundamental quotes from Pattie Gonia:

 “That commitment to bridging differences leads to innovation and momentum that enables the climate and #sustainability movement to go forward, and really speaks to the importance of embedding that diversity as a core value of this movement.”

“Everyone has heard the phrase, this team is operating like a well-oiled machine – but how different does it feel to say, this team is thriving like a well-nurtured meadow?”

More to come…

Stay tuned, because we have more to share! Coming later this month, Julie Boyce, the Program Manager for Student Energy Career Training will share her insights on the GLOBEForum’s unique position as an intergenerational space for discussion and youth empowerment, as well as her noted areas of growth and opportunity for similar events in the future!