(Closed) Hiring a Full-Time Youth Energy Outlook Manager

By Helen Watts

Student Energy is excited to announce that we are opening applications for a full-time Project Manager, to lead the development of the first Global Youth Energy Outlook in the build-up to COP 26 and the final decade of the 2030 Agenda.

Student Energy is looking for a driven, detail-oriented and passionate candidate who will be responsible for managing the Outlook team, work with Student Energy’s Director of Partnerships to manage project deliverables, co-design and deliver the scope of the project.

This is a full-time, 40-hour/week 12-month position that will be based at our Vancouver, BC office or in Toronto, Ontario.  You must be legally able to work in Canada to qualify for this position as Student Energy is not able to sponsor work visas for this position.



Note, if you do not feel that you qualify, but you are interested in the position and are willing to learn please apply. We are interested in a diverse team and willing to train the right person. Explain why you want the position and why you think you should be considered in your cover letter.


Student Energy’s Global Youth Energy Outlook is designed to be the definitive tool for understanding what today’s youth, 18 to 30 years old, want for the future of energy. Focused on the energy transition through 2030, the Youth Energy Outlook will provide the global youth vision for the 2030 energy scenario, including priority actions by region, time-bound milestones, and pathways for the private and public sector to partner with young people to achieve this future.

The Outlook contains three core components:

  1. The energy transition roadmap to 2030, identifying priority commitments and milestones in policy, technology, finance, and social systems-change. 
  2. The socioeconomic co-benefits and integrated solutions youth want achieved in the energy transition.
  3. Recommendations and multi-sector pathways to working meaningfully with young people.

Objectives of the Global Youth Energy Outlook:

  1. Close the data gap that exists on youth engagement on energy and demonstrate how young people are thinking critically and collaboratively about pragmatic and systems-level solutions to decarbonize our energy system.
  2. Increase the accountability of decision-makers to work meaningfully with young people on the energy agenda, by (1) ensuring that the core call-to-action of the Outlook is concise and gains profile, and (2) by providing young people with a data-backed tool to hold decision-makers accountable to delivering on the youth agenda.
  3. Deepen global youth engagement on energy by providing young with the tools to work with actors in their energy system and with the collective learning experience of working to gather, analyze and synthesize insights from their peers.