Join Us! Student Energy Opportunities in 2020

By Helen Watts

We’ve been busy at Student Energy and it already feels like 2020 is flying by!

The hard work is paying off: We are excited to be supporting loads of opportunities for young people to build skills and take action on energy this year. 

From skill-building programs, to conference delegations, to new digital learning platforms, there are so many ways to get involved from wherever you are around the world. 

Highlights of our open opportunities (click the links to apply): 

  1. Join the Global Youth Energy Outlook team and represent your region as we build the world’s first data-set of youth perspectives on the energy transition.
  2. Start a Student Energy Chapter at your university, college or community.
  3. Apply to join the Student Energy Youth Delegation at the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in Kigali, Rwanda (May 2020).

Check out the full list of ways to get involved below:

 Get Involved with Student Energy 2020.pdf