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Meet the Youth Energy Outlook Regional Coordinators

In February, Student Energy put out a call for applications to join a team of ten young people from around the world who would work together over the next six months to develop the Global Youth Energy Outlook. We received incredible applications from 30 countries, and finally selected twelve Regional Coordinators to form a truly global, multidisciplinary team.




Chibunna Ogbonna | Sub-Saharan Africa

Chibunna Ogbonna is a visionary leader, social entrepreneur and renewable energy young professional. He is a global voice for sustainable energy, youth empowerment and sustainable development. He works towards driving sustainable development across Nigeria and Africa. Chibunna is an IRENA Youth Forum 2020 Alumnus representing Nigeria as a youth delegate in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He is the convener of the first International Youth Dialogue on Renewable energy held virtually in May, 2020. He loves to execute projects and create positive change. As a global citizen, Chibunna loves to connect and collaborate with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and countries to work on impactful projects for a sustainable future. He speaks at national and international platforms on renewable energy, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and sustainable development issues.

Arsenii Kirgizov-Barskii | North East Eurasia

Arsenii Kirgizov-Barskii is Regional Coordinator in North East Eurasia for Student Energy’s Youth Energy Outlook. Arsenii is a MGIMO University student in Moscow, Russia, studying international relations and energy diplomacy in the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy, a leading research center in this sphere in the Post-Soviet space with academic bands in all the neighbouring states, as well as many European, American and other institutes.

Mr. Kirgizov-Barskii is the Assistant Chairman of BRICS Youth Energy Agency, community established in 2015 to secure youth energy cooperation between BRICS states in the field of energy research and project development, and the Founder of its SDG Platform, aimed at promoting the UN 2030 Agenda. BRICS YEA has been an active proponent of joint research in the field of energy powered by young people. The Agency’s Analytical Center prepares on annual basis the “BRICS Youth Energy Outlook”, which is recognized by BRICS Energy Minsters as an important analytical edition for sectoral planning, and operates an active Network for young energy researchers.

Besides, Arsenii Kirgizov-Barskii is the First Secretary of the Arctic Student Research Club, doing scientific work on international sustainability issues in the Arctic region. Finally, Arsenii has a broad experience in participating in international events related to the issue, such as ECOSOC Youth Forum, International Model Arctic Council in Finland, Iceland and Russia, BRICS Youth Energy Summit in Russia.

Tianna Philippot | North America

Tianna Philippot is one of the Global Youth Energy Outlook Regional Coordinators for North America and the President of the Student Energy Chapter at the University of Manitoba. She will be graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Biosystems Engineering with an Environmental Specialization and Business minor in May 2021. She has worked in environmental engineering consulting, hydro power, and renewable energy research laboratories. As an Indigenous woman, the highlight of her work is implementing practical clean energy education and technology on a global scale and within diesel reliant Indigenous communities. Tianna has an undeniable passion for the environment and innovative energy related research and development. Her main focus is carbon capture storage and utilization. She plans to continue research within this field after graduation with hopes of creating a clean technology start-up company. When she isn’t studying or working, she enjoys being outdoors biking and hiking, gardening, taking her dogs for walks and exploring the world with friends.

Jarret Fisher | North America

Jarret Fisher is one of two North American Regional Coordinators for the Global Youth Energy Outlook. Jarret was the sole representative for the United States at the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial and 4th Mission Innovation Youth Leaders Forum in Vancouver, Canada in May 2019, and has been involved with local advocacy for a full clean energy transition. Jarret earned her Bachelor’s and MBA from DePaul University in Chicago, where she also competed on the women’s tennis team.


Joshua Miguel Lopez | Southeast Asia

Joshua Miguel Lopez is the Southeast Asia Regional Coordinator for the Global Youth Energy Outlook. He also leads REBOOT, a training program for youth leaders working to realize the Just Energy Transition in the Philippines. Joshua is passionate about using the developments in clean energy and digital technologies to solve systemic social issues. He also believes in empowering the people – especially the youth – to create solutions in context.

He also works as Project Officer for the Philippines’ Department of Information and Communications Technology, where he manages innovation and ecosystem development projects. Before that, he worked for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on projects ranging from rural development to security sector reform. He also led a technology startup that provided free internet in public spaces in Manila.

Nabila Putri Salsabila | Southeast Asia

Nabila Putri Salsabila (Salsa) is a lifelong, fast learner and high achiever who is passionate about energy transition, climate action, and sustainability. She is a sustainable development enthusiast who graduated from Bioprocess Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.

Taking a concrete step towards her belief in energy and electricity as the key to improve people’s quality of life in all aspects, her research thesis, explored the development of a village model with an integrated renewable energy system (hybrid power generation system and household-scale biogas generation) for rural productivity zone in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, from techno-economic, financing, policy, and environmental perspective, as an electrification and development strategy in underdeveloped area. In the future, she aspires to be the driving force towards a sustainable era who contributes to Indonesia and the world by being a consultant, key player and decision or policy-maker in international or intergovernmental organization and leave a great legacy by becoming a Sustainable Development Goals expert in Indonesia.

Kayla Choi | OECD Pacific

Kayla Choi currently majors in Civil Engineering with specific interest in the field of Transportation, Green Buildings, and Renewable Energy. Her past projects include spearheading fundraisers namely ‘Run for Life’, a 5-km mini-marathon to raise awareness for sustainable living and ‘Plogging’, a street clean-up challenge event. With specific focus on energy and climate, she co-organized a renewable energy tour in Seoul for both locals and foreigners sponsored by KEEC, planned a curriculum for educating elementary students on climate change in partnership with the Climate Scouts program, arranged environmental campaigns on her university campus, co-planned and spoke at ‘Docking Talking’, a youth networking event to discuss environmental issues and solutions, and worked in the planning committee for ‘Energy Transition Frontier’, a nation-wide program to address wind energy barriers.

Currently, she is helping in designing and co-planning a community garden project and researching policy designs to reach net zero emissions by 2050 along with members at Bigwave. In her spare time, she throws punches in her kickboxing class, sketches houses, and likes to read about universal theories.

Linette Knudsen | Europe

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Linette is currently studying for an MSc in Global Development. In addition, she holds an MSc in Global Environment, Politics and Society from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc in Sociology from the University of Copenhagen.

Linette is interested in human-environment interactions, particularly surrounding sustainable cities or the energy-development nexus. For the past year, she has been actively engaged in Student Energy where she has represented youth on the topics of Clean Energy and Sustainable Cities at the CEM/MI 2019 Youth Leaders Forum, participated in the 2019 International Student Energy Summit, and shared her thoughts on the role of youth in transitioning to a just and inclusive energy future as a panelist at the 2019 EU Research and Innovation Days.

When she isn’t working or studying, Linette can most likely be found at an art gallery or in the kitchen, preparing wholesome meals for her friends.

Nyashadzashe Kunaka | Middle East and North Africa

Nyashadzashe is currently an MSc student in Energy Engineering at Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES). She has been involved in clean energy research work that includes improving the quality of biodiesel to be used in Zimbabwe as fuel to promote renewable energy. She had the privilege of getting an insight into how the Sustainable Energy for All programme was implemented, whereby solar systems where installed to improve health services and the standard of living in the rural parts of Zimbabwe and Malawi. Nyashadzashe is also part of the Student Energy Chapter at PAUWES, working to empower youth to facilitate the adoption of sustainable energy systems that protect the environment. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, baking, watching movies, and listening to music.

Paola Flores | Latin America

Paola studies Industrial Engineering at Universidad San Francisco Xavier (USFX) and is passionate about renewable energy, science, start-ups, and community projects. In 2015, Paola received a scholarship from the Embassy of the United States of America to participate in a Science and Innovation Summer Camp in La Jolla, California. This experience was life changing for Paola, as she learned more about renewable energy and its importance in our future. Since then, Paola has worked on many social projects in Bolivia, and with a group of friends, founded Magnífica Warmi, which is a project to work with Indigenous women in issues related to environment and climate change. Paola is the General Coordinator of Student Energy at USFX and was selected to participate in the 2020 Student Energy Leaders Fellowship.

“I believe that this is the moment in human history where youth people can connect, learn, and work together to build a sustainable future for our planet.”

Syed Faisal Shah | Indian Subcontinent

Syed Faisal Shah is a Pakistani Electrical Engineer, and is a founding Vice-President of the Student Energy Chapter at U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E) in Peshawar, Pakistan. Syed is also a Youth Minister for Energy at the Provincial Youth Assembly (PYA) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is leading a team for Student Energy Leaders Fellowship, where he along with his team are working on sustainable policy formulation for Micro-hydro Power Plants operating in rural and remote communities of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

After completing his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, Syed worked in the telecom industry for some time, but his keen interests in energy and sustainable policy development compelled him to carry on his further studies in this field. He received a scholarship to complete his Master’s degree in Energy Management and Sustainability at USPCAS-E Peshawar. Syed is currently in his final semester of his Master’s degree and is conducting research on sustainable policy development for large hydro-power dams in the country. Syed presented his research at two international conferences in 2019, and has participated in many other national energy and innovation conferences and seminars. Syed is passionate to carry on his future in the field of Energy Management and Sustainable Policy Development and to work for a sustainable and secure energy future. He is always keen for good conversation about energy transition and sustainability.

Ye Zheng | Greater China

Ye is a fourth-year Civil Engineering student and the founder of the McGill Chapter of Student Energy at McGill University. As a future engineer, she aspires to become a global thinker and leader in sustainable development. Ye has been actively involved in research projects, clubs, start-ups that are related to sustainable development. In China, Ye co-founded a social enterprise called PDT Food Depot that is focused on finding ways to utilize surplus food, and is helping a start-up called LOHAS to promote composting projects of kitchen waste in cities. She is also conducting research projects with professors at McGill University and Sun Yat-sen University, focusing on quantitative analysis of climate change and the development of green concrete materials. This summer and fall, Ye is based in China to help the Global Youth Energy Outlook to conduct research on youth empowerment focusing on sustainable energy transition in cities.

“I am very excited to start the journey, and please contact me if you are interested in the sustainability projects that I am doing.”