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4-Day Online Course in Hydraulic Fracturing

Student Energy is always looking to provide opportunities where students can learn, grow and increase energy literacy. We arranged an online course on ‘Hydraulic Fracturing’  with specialist Mr. Hernan Buijs.

Day 1: The basics of hydraulic fracturing, including models, reasons, and goals behind hydraulic fracking.

Day 2: Diving deeper into proppants, damage mechanisms, conductivity challenges, regain permeability tests, effective flowing lengths and minimum requirements and maximum limits.

Day 3: How hydraulic fracturing is actually done, the length and size fo fractures, and the response of fracture done through different logs

Day 4: The overall procedure of hydraulic fracturing and its benefits and risks, as well as countries that invest in hydraulic fracturing, how they’re meeting goals and communicating hydraulic fracturing safety precautions and potential for exploring unconventional resources.