Conferencia sobre Energía Geotérmica y su Potencial en el Perú

This event was divided on two different dates. We had 4 speakers, two speakers per day, these speakers were from the geothermal energy sector. The event was about geothermal energy and its potential at our country, Peru. Vicentina Cruz came as representative of INGEMMET (Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute), Victor Vargas from EDC (The Energy Development Coorporation) the leading company on geothermal power plants worldwide, Jose Machare was Technical Director of the Geophysical Institute of Peru and Ximena Guardia, she is a researcher professor at UTEC, with specialization on Geothermal Energy. 

The presented topics were about geological studies of the Peruvian geothermal areas, the development of geothermal energy plants, general concepts about the working principles of a geothermic plant, and the political and economic aspects behind the promotion of this energy source in our country as well as in other parts of the world.