Energy Dependence in the 21st Century

Student Energy at USFX had its first activity at the Faculty of Technology (San Francisco Xavier University), with an opening ceremony and the presentation of the team. First, the members of the Chapter, with a powerpoint presentation, gave an overview of Student Energy and its activities around the world. Also, we had the official presentation of our team and our Chapter’s goals in Sucre and Bolivia. Then, a member of the Chapter gave a speech about “Energy Dependence in the 21st century” (adapting the topic to our reality and interacting with the public talking about youth’s responsibility to change the energy matrix of our country). Last, Saron Cabrero, our principal speaker, gave a workshop about “Global Education” (the speaker was born of two indigenous families Quechua and Aymara, in Bolivia she studied languages and in Germany Romanistic, now a days she worked coordinating two programs “The Education meets with the development” and “Chat between worlds” ). The workshop was dynamic and at the same time helped the assistants to take conscience about their role in our planet.