Student Energy Durham Mentor Scheme

Student Energy Durham Mentoring Scheme in partnership with the Durham Energy Institute (DEI) gives Durham University students the opportunity to receive career and industry advice from associates of the DEI. We feel that students can see the Energy Industry as difficult to access and they lack information about the career opportunities it can offer. This scheme will hopefully encourage more students to consider a career in industry and create links between students and industry.

The relationship is essentially driven by the mentee, with contact being made with you as and when your mentee needs guidance or advice. Contact is most likely to be via e-mail or telephone, although if you are situated near Durham, there is a possibility for face to face meeting. If your time is limited, don’t be afraid to let your mentee know. The minimum contact time would be 30 minutes per term, with any additional contact being left at the discretion of the mentee/mentor. At the end of each academic year, mentors and mentees can choose whether to opt in or out of the scheme. Additionally, there will be a simple feedback form to be completed by both mentor/mentee at the end of the year to aid further development of the programme.

Additionally, Durham County Council and their Low Carbon Economy Team are offering a fantastic opportunity for students to become involved across a number of energy related projects! This opportunity will be run as a pilot scheme for the 2018/19 academic year.

The Low Carbon Economy Team are involved in numerous projects, such as the following:

Opportunities are not limited to these projects; however, they provide a taste for the range of work the team undertakes.

We will be taking the interested students to meet the team later this term. The Low Carbon Economy Team will then present their projects and explain the opportunities available to those interested. Following this meeting, those who are interested will have the opportunity to be involved in some practical energy work!

This creates a dual aspect to the scheme.

Mentors – 14
Mentees- 20