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Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean

“Have you heard about the Student Energy Career Training Program? I was fortunate to be selected and wholeheartedly encourage you to apply for the next cohort,” exclaimed Mosorire Aiyeyemi as we prepared to board a flight to Abuja, anticipating our journey to the International Petroleum Technology Conference in Saudi Arabia as chosen participants. The idea was to explore the entirety of the energy system, in addition to our core technical competency in petroleum engineering, acquired through our academic backgrounds. Little did I know that this experience would provide me with a profound sense of purpose. The application process was competitive, fostering a strong sense of commitment among the participants.

Throughout the SECT structured learning program, which comprised technical, career training, workshop, and partner project sessions, I gained invaluable insights into energy market modeling. This encompassed capturing real-world scenarios, addressing energy access issues, projecting prices for strategic advice and decision-making, and understanding the incorporation of policy baskets to drive energy markets and contribute to energy market analysis projects. Moreover, my participation enabled me to forge meaningful relationships with peers and professionals, one of whom recommended me for an internship position.

Presently, I have acquired industry exposure and competencies in energy systems modeling, decarbonization pathways, research, policies, and entrepreneurship domains, all with the aim to democratize the energy transition and promote sustainability. As an Energy and Climate Finance Specialist at PawaVest Limited, I have actively engaged in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. My role has involved developing investment and business development strategies to tackle the perpetual challenge of energy access in Nigeria.

In a nutshell, the Student Energy Career Training Program provides unparalleled clarity on carving a niche within the dynamic energy industry and its interconnectedness with sustainability. Armed with a unique blend of technical, management, and communication skills, I have laid the foundation for my career progression and feel equipped to contribute significantly to the energy sector’s transformation. With conviction, I can attest that the impact of the Student Energy Career Training Program extends far beyond just the individual participants. It serves as a catalyst for fostering a generation of professionals who are committed to driving positive change and ushering in a more sustainable and equitable energy future. If you seek a program that not only imparts knowledge but also empowers you to make a tangible difference, then this transformative experience is the perfect fit for you. Apply for the upcoming cohort and unlock the door to a future filled with purpose and possibilities.