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Request for Proposals: Energy Transition Career Training Specialist

Student Energy’s Energy Transition Career Training program (ETCT) exists to scale the internship experience by giving students their first opportunity to execute a real-world energy project in data, modeling, policy analysis, or project development. This four-month cohort-based intensive program aims to fill the emerging gap between a large contingent of youth seeking to perform innovative work and transform our energy system but lack access to necessary baseline training and skills required for entry-level roles.

The Energy Transition Career Training is an online energy education and career skills training course aimed at young people between the ages of 18and 30 who are interested in pursuing a career that advances the energy transition. The course will offer a comprehensive introduction to the current energy system, decarbonization pathways, energy economics and governance, as well as some applied skills training related to project management and finance. Currently, Student Energy has several programs (the Leaders Fellowship, Chapters, Greenpreneurs) that help young people develop important skills such as idea generation, strategic planning and project management.

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Knowledge of energy job market

The successful candidate will have extensive knowledge of the energy job market to advise on the current state of the market, existing skills gaps and industry areas of focus. This should
have a particular focus on clean energy, clean tech, consulting, and energy transition analyst-type roles.

Knowledge of data modeling and policy analysis

The successful candidate will have experience with both the theoretical and practical application of data modeling, as well as experience with policy analysis.

Connections to potential internship employers

The successful candidate will have connections to potential employers to provide test challenges to cohorts in the programs. These employers should be interested in building an equitable and diverse pipeline to match talented young professionals with employment opportunities. The successful candidate will be available to do discovery interviews with potential internship employers to ensure fit.