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Welcome to Student Energy! We are a global organization empowering the next generation of leaders who are accelerating the transition to a sustainable, equitable energy future through programs that offer valuable learning resources.

Join a Chapter

The Chapters program is hubs led by students in post-secondary education who take action on energy in their local communities. Our Chapter participants are supported by Student Energy skill-building programs and mentorships and are connected to a global network of chapters.


“Student Energy has had a huge influence on my career path. I ended up meeting a great mentor who was a founder of Student Energy, a co-founder of Student Energy: Janice Tran and she played a big role in mentoring me and advising during the last two years of starting this company”
– Alec Macklis

Sign up for our youth programs

Would you like to enhance your understanding of the energy system? Student Energy offers a wide range of youth programs at the international level. These programs provide opportunities to work with other young energy leaders, connect with energy professionals, and gain access to our educational resources and mentorship programs.

Join the movement to create a sustainable, equitable energy future!

Attend the International Student Energy Summit

Student Energy Summit is an excellent opportunity to connect with numerous young individuals worldwide who share your enthusiasm for energy transition and energy justice in the largest event led by young leaders. You can nurture inventive ideas, work together, and envision the future of the energy industry and routes to sustainability learning through high-profile speakers and workshops, panel discussions, and plenary sessions.

Learn about the Energy System

Check out our online resources and learn about several energy topics, including articles and animated videos that break down each energy system component.

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