Jeanette Mwendwa Gitobu

Vice-Chair, Student Energy

With a decade of experience, Jeanette Mwendwa Gitobu is a seasoned executive currently working as a Director at the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the international industry body for wind power founded to ensure that the environmental and economic benefits of wind can serve as a solution to the challenges of energy and climate. With a background in finance, supply chain, energy policy, and gender equality advocacy, Jeanette has a proven track record of leading national, international, and global multi-stakeholder initiatives to address sustainable development challenges. Collaborating closely with leading political and economic entities such as the UN & UNFCCC, WEF, IMF, World Bank and others, Jeanette is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and just professional landscape within the industry, while ensuring the creation of the necessary market, policy, and regulatory frameworks for wind energy to thrive. Outside of her formal employment, Jeanette is also the Founder and President of Prestonwook. Prestonwook is a wholly black female-owned holding company that includes: Prestonwook Capital Advisors, Prestonwook Studios, and Prestonwook Academy. Each of the companies under the Prestonwook umbrella are focused on different aspects of promoting diversity and sustainability around the world.

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