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Energy System Map

Student Energy provides dynamic, freely accessible energy education tools for diving into the complex world of energy. Our interactive ed-tech platform brings energy information to young people through an interactive Energy System Map, which includes short write-ups introducing young people to fundamental energy system topics, paired with animated videos and deep dive resources. Used by students at all educational levels, educators, independent learners, and organizations, the Energy System Map has reached over 3 million global users, and our energy education videos have reached 8.3 million visitors since the program’s launch.

In 2020, we launched Phase Two of the Energy System Map, which introduces a new category called Influences on the Energy System, which contains 20 new topic pages on issues such as climate change, energy access, and markets and finance.

There are two ways to explore the Energy System Map:

Content Transparency

The Energy System Map’s topic pages are written by volunteer student writers who were selected from a global pool of applicants, and asked to research and write a focused introductory piece on a fundamental energy topic. Topic pages have been reviewed by Student Energy’s team, independent energy experts, and members of our youth network to ensure that they are as objective as possible, and relevant for a global youth audience. All authors, contributors, and reviewers are listed on each Energy System Map topic page.

Read more: Research and writing guidelines provided to Energy System Map 2020 Authors

Systems Approach

The Energy System Map’s unique map view captures the interconnections of the complex energy system in a simple, dynamic way that allows visitors to glimpse how energy flows through the energy system.

Engaging Format

In addition to the map, Student Energy hosts 30+ animated videos on fundamental energy topics on our YouTube Channel. Check them out here.