Student Energy and Clean Cooking Alliance Launch “Ignite” Youth Clean Cooking Incubator Program

Student Energy and Clean Cooking Alliance Launch “Ignite” Youth Clean Cooking Incubator Program, Calling for Donors and Technical Partners

[Washington, D.C., June 22, 2023] – Student Energy, a global youth-led organization, and the Clean Cooking Alliance, a leading international clean cooking organization, are thrilled to announce their partnership to develop the “Ignite” Youth Clean Cooking Incubator Program. This innovative initiative aims to empower and support young entrepreneurs in developing clean cooking solutions to address the pressing challenges of household air pollution and energy poverty. As part of the program launch, Student Energy and Clean Cooking Alliance are issuing a call for donors and technical partners to accelerate the impact of this youth-led movement. 

Household air pollution resulting from traditional cooking practices is a critical issue affecting 2.3 billion people worldwide, particularly women and children in low- and middle-income countries. As a cross-cutting issue, clean cooking is essential to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), as well as reducing global carbon emissions, forest degradation, and improving the climate resilience and well-being of communities globally.  

The “Ignite” Youth Clean Cooking Incubator Program will equip young entrepreneurs to address these issues head-on. Through a 10-month incubator program, the “Ignite” will provide young people with the tools and resources needed to develop, scale, and commercialize innovative clean cooking solutions and launch their own sustainable businesses.  


About the Program Leads: Student Energy brings 13+ years of experience in supporting and accelerating youth-led energy enterprises around the world through project management training, peer support, mentorship, and funding, through programs like Guided Projects and Greenpreneurs. CCA is the leading organization bringing together stakeholders in the clean cooking space, and brings together experience catalyzing entrepreneurship and finance through its Venture Catalyst and Innovative Finance programs, as well as access to an extensive network of international and local experts who will provide participants technical expertise, advice on commercialization and regulatory frameworks, and scaling. 

 To successfully launch and sustain the “Ignite” Youth Clean Cooking Incubator Program, Student Energy and CCA are calling on donors and technical partners to help ensure the availability of financial support, mentorship opportunities, and capacity-building programs for young entrepreneurs participating in the incubator program.  

 Supporting the “Ignite” Youth Clean Cooking Incubator Program is an investment in the future, enabling young entrepreneurs to unlock their potential, create jobs, and improve the lives of millions of people by providing access to clean and efficient cooking solutions. Donors and technical partners will have the opportunity to witness the tangible impact of their contributions and be part of a global movement working towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world. 


How can I connect with the program?

To learn more about the “Ignite” Youth Clean Cooking Incubator Program and how to contribute as a donor or technical partner, please check the Ignite Sponsorship Brochure,  contact, or 


About Student Energy: Student Energy is the world’s largest youth-led organization focused on energy, empowering 50,000 young people in 120+ countries to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and equitable energy future. Student Energy’s Programs Ecosystem offers 9 unique programs which deliver energy education, skills training, and project financing for young people globally, and also works with governments, the UN, and other decision-makers to facilitate meaningful youth engagement and mobilize resources, coaching, and mentorship to support youth-led work. Student Energy has built coalitions with over 100 diverse partners, such as Indigenous Clean Energy, Sustainable Energy for All, HSBC Global, the Stockholm Environment Institute, DNV, WSP, and national governments like Canada, Denmark, and Sweden. Student Energy has stewarded CAD$10 million+ in funding to date, supported the development of over 280 youth energy projects, held 6 international Student Energy Summits, and attracted over 17 million people to its digital energy education platforms.


About the Clean Cooking Alliance: Since 2010, the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) has worked with a global network of partners to build an inclusive and financially sustainable industry to ensure clean cooking is accessible to the nearly three billion people who live without it each day. CCA is the leading organization bringing together stakeholders from across the ecosystem with the aim to achieve universal access to clean cooking by 2030 in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Net Zero ambitions. CCA’s Youth program aims to facilitate increased impact and expanded action to address the needs, build the agency, and advance opportunities for youth to lead ambitious clean cooking transitions. 


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Shakti Ramkumar

Sr. Director of Communications and Policy, Student Energy


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