Student Energy Joins Forces With Goodwall to Launch the BetterTogether Program

Running until September 18th, the Better Together program will help young people overcome many barriers thrown up because of the coronavirus crisis, from cancelled internships to lost jobs.

Student Energy has partnered with Goodwall, the leading social platform for students and young professionals, to launch the BetterTogether program.

Running until September 18th, this free online program will help young people overcome many barriers thrown up because of the coronavirus crisis, from cancelled internships to lost jobs. “This change, while necessary to help slow the spread of COVID-19, leaves many young people (particularly recent post-secondary graduates) at an unexpected pause in their career and skill-building at a crucial turning point in their professional careers,” says Shakti Ramkumar, Student Energy’s Communications Manager.

By taking part in BetterTogether’s series of fun, talent-developing challenges, participants will build important skills, gain experience, and connect with peers around the world, all while competing for the chance to win up to $25K in prizes.

BetterTogether participants will receive:

  • The chance to participate in any of a series of 10 challenges, each addressing an important issue to help them become change agents through empowerment, education, and building skills;
  • 50+ live AMA speaker sessions with role models, co-founders, and other inspirational figures;
  • A platform to connect with over 1.5 million students and young professionals from 150+ countries;
  • The opportunity to win up to $25,000 in prizes, scholarships, memberships, and other exclusive awards;
  • Access to Pearson’s Workplace Behaviors Learning Programme modules;
  • And more!

Student Energy’s goal is to work towards a sustainable and equitable energy future by empowering young people all over the world to take action. BetterTogether removes barriers for youth by providing a program that not only helps them build important skills for the post-COVID-19 era, but also inspires, encourages, and supports them along the way.

The BetterTogether program is delivered through a strategic partnership with Goodwall. Goodwall is the next-generation community for students and professionals to connect on shared interests, showcase themselves and discover learning and earning opportunities. Learn more about Student Energy’s strategic partnerships here.

About Goodwall

Goodwall is the next-generation community and social development network built specifically to address the needs of Gen Z and younger millennials. Goodwall aims to help students, entrepreneurs, and young professionals by giving them a unique platform to share ideas, highlight achievements, showcase talents, document experience, meet like-minded peers around the world, find jobs, internships, and scholarships, and seek & provide support.

The Goodwall community is made up of over 1.5 million members from 150+ countries around the world. With 5+ million job and internship opportunities, more than $1 million in scholarships and awards, thousands of volunteer events, and hundreds of online courses, Goodwall is well-prepared to help navigate students and young professionals through this new decade.